Tetley | Tea Talks

We were tasked with the global launch of Tetley's new Ayurvedic Balance teas. So we created a Ted Talk-esque event called TEA Talks— Tetley Education in Ayurveda —to help educate consumers about the Ayurveda diet. We enlisted Yogi Cameron Alborzian, to be our brand ambassador and to host the event and partnered with other influencers such as Lauren Marshall, a holistic health chef, Cynthia Loyst, Host of The Social  to post and give talks throughout the day.

The entire event was live-streamed on Facebook and our influencers posted about the event on their own social channels In addition to the event, we posted the talks on Tetley Canada’s Youtube page which collectively got over 400,000 views and created web and social content on the practice of Ayurveda and tips on how to balance your mind, body and spirit. User generated content was created from our influencers asking consumers to post how they find balance and prompting people to take the quiz we created where they could discover and share which dosha they are.